Samuel makes appearance on Paul Brodie Podcast


In episode 436 of the Get Published Podcast, Host and 15-Time Bestselling Author Paul G. Brodie interviews Samuel Brock Flynn about his author journey and how to use your radio show for book promotion.

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Lady calls for Samuels help at 1am

This lady Amanda Heffle Messages Samuel at 1:32am on a Tuesday Morning Talking about How depressed she was and how she was going to kill herself on August 31 at 11:30pm

I tried to help her but she kept calling me on messenger talking about killing herself . I told her that its not worth ending your life over what people say.

Overall she kept saying she lost her friend last year and a cat of hers  and that’s more of the primary reason she wants to kill herself.


How I helped this Lady, I called two Companies A crisis line in New York for this lady and West Seneca Police Department and the authorities are going to take care of her so no worries.

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Paul Bain at Cumberland County Community Complex for Relay for Life

Paul Bain UT football player at Cumberland County Community Complex for relay for life. He is signing autographs at the Complex . To get autographs from him you have to donate in order to get it so basically he is there to help relay for life raise money.

Paul Bain- UT Football Player
Paul Bain- UT Football Player /(Photo Credit: Samuel Brock Flynn) (c) 2019

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